Online classrooms for creative teaching

Improve student engagement
Adapt teaching to all learning styles
Stay in touch with your class

Why use Flipsnack in your classroom

We created Flipsnack for students to read and create their own stories and projects, while having fun at the same time. They can show off what they've learnt and they can learn while creating, always in a safe and private online classroom.

How do I start?

Already have a pdf?
Upload it and start there.
Create page by page.
Clean start, clean project.
Mix &
Upload pdf and add or
delete pages to customize it.

Enhance content

Engage students  with rich media learning materials

How to use Flipsnack

Blended learning
Enhance and expand the learning opportunities for your students by combining technology and face-to-face traditional teaching.
Flipped classrooms
Use Flipsnack as a web tool for flip teaching. Deliver captivating lessons online and discuss homework in the classroom.
Distance education
Students who never get to share a physical space can still be part of the same online classroom when you use Flipsnack.